Calculator update and site navigation


Note that we just made some adjustments and additions to the Barbell Weight Calculator, and also moved a few things around the website.

After just over three years of competition (2014-2017) we went through all results to see if there were any significant deviations or “flaws” in our system.
The first and most significant discrepancy was seen for older and very light lifters, where the two coefficients lowered the weights so much it basically removed “strength” from the equation altogether (especially when combining the two). The conclusion is that the age coefficient for repetitive strength performance on low weights are significantly lower than in power- and weightlifting and that the weight curves were too beneficial for extremely light lifters.
The second and last, but very important deviation was noticed when comparing the results of taller vs shorter competitors. Taller lifters that would get a higher 1RM score than much shorter lifters didn’t stand a fair chance when competing for reps. This fact together with the previous problems resulted in a few adjustments, including a height coefficient.
The updated calculator is available here: Barbell Challenge
In the same way we created the calculator for Barbell Challenge, we also made one for a what we call Weightlift Challenge. This discipline was launched for the first time December 3’rd 2017 at #fitnessfestivalen, in Stockholm, Sweden. Check out the rules and weights for WL Challenge here: Weightlift Challenge

From now on you’ll find the calculator under the menu button called “MEETS” (AKA competitions), in each Challenge, i.e. Barbell or Weightlift Challenge.



We also replaced the old “Calculator” menu button with “STORE” to make it easier to find our online store with products from RGA Fabrications.

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Niclas Anton