Online Challenge Checklist – Bench Press

The video must be in one take. No cutting/editing allowed.


  • State your name, age, date and discipline.
  • Stand on the scale and show the digits.
  • Place the camera at 45° from the foot of the bench, parallel with the racked barbell.
  • Unrack & Press.
  • Rack the barbell after the final rep.
  • Unload and show all plates.
  • Put the last plate on the scale.
  • Put/balance the barbell on the scale.
  • Turn of the camera.


The timer starts now when you unrack.

Unrack and lower the barbell to your chest, Distintly pause the bar on your chest, and then press. When your arms are straight (elbows locked out), the repetition is completed. You cannot rack the bar during the set (i.e. to rest). Your buttocks must be in contact with the bench, and the feet must be flat on the floor  at all time.

An exaggerated back-bend that significantly reduces the range of movement is not allowed (see pic below). Excessive feet movement is not allowed. “Suicide” grip is not allowed.

At least one spotter is mandatory.


Make sure that you’r wearing clothes that makes it easy to see your knees and elbows.
No gear but chalk is allowed (sleeves, wraps or other joint support is NOT allowed).

P.S. It’s not mandatory to do the above steps in exactly that order, but it is important that you get everything in the video. Otherwise you won’t get it approved.