Online Challenge

“Who’s the best lifter when parameters like size, gender and age are erased? The RGA Barbell Challenge provides an answer to that.”

Try our Barbell Challenge events Online! Here’s what you do:

  • Simply submit your video at
  • You’ll receive an email when your score is confirmed.

When you record the video it is cruicial that it is:
Shot in one take, there is a good view for judging, that you show all platesweigh yourself and the barbell.

Click here to Read about the rules for the Barbell and Weightlift Challenges!

Video rulebook (Barbell Challenge):

A deviation of a couple of hg’s is ok due to scale calibration.

If you’re missing some of the smaller weight’s just round up to the closest number. If you’re using pounds, make sure to match as good as you can and always round up.

Get your barbell weights here: Barbell Weight Calculator