Online Challenge

Disciplines: High Rep and Low Rep

Events: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Bench Row

Time cap: High Rep 100 sec. Low Rep 60 sec.

Compete by sending your videos for judging (one event at the time)! The only thing you’ll need is a digital scalecamera, and a barbell weighing 20kg (44 lb).

Most important when you record the video is that it’s filmed in one take, there is a good view for judging, that you show all plates, weigh yourself, weigh the last plate and the barbell.

We will confirm your score, put it on our score board and your video on our youtube channel.

Barbell Weight Calculator

Submit and compete! 

Video rulebook:

A deviation of a couple of hg’s is ok due to scale calibration.

If you’re missing some of the smaller weight’s just round up to the closest number. If you’re using pounds, make sure to match as good as you can and always round up.



We will make a quick pre-check of your video to make sure that everything is in order. Then we will confirm your score, upload your video on our youtube channel and add your score on

The time will be read from the video (100/60 sec).

If we suspect  that you’re cheating we will reject the video.

Equipment & Clothing:

Chalk is allowed in all events, and you may use a belt in the Overhead Press. Other than that no gear is allowed (sleeves, wraps or other joint support is NOT allowed).

Make sure that you’re wearing clothes that makes it easy to see your knees and elbows (i.e T-Shirt/Tank top, Shorts/Thights or Hot pants).

P.S. The online and live score boards are separate lists.